Bob Carver Crimson 350 Mono Block Vacuum Tube Amplifiers. In Stock. 15 year warranty that includes the tubes. Hand Crafted in the USA. List $9500 pr.. Call Jim 815 323 0898

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Ships direct from the factory. Hand crafted in Snohomish, Washington.. We can request that Bob Carver autograph or personalize the amps for you, before they are factory sealed, upon your request.. This pair of amplifiers just finished testing and are ready to ship direct to you. We accept most working trades up to 30% of the purchase price. We use Audiogon Bluebook values.

These qualify for our in home, risk free, trial offer.

No Depreciation trade up value, within the Bob Carver line of amplifiers at Jim Clark Stereo.



Jim Clark Stereo accepts most Working Trade-Ins – Up to 30% of your total Purchase Price.

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We offer fair market prices as shown in the Audiogon Bluebook Trade-in values.

Call or email for a quote on your trade-in or look it up at

We accept working Trades for up to 30% of your total purchase price.

Example: A Crimson 275 @ $2750 allows for trade-ins with value up to $825

Trade ins must arrive undamaged. Proper packing in important. Original packaging is best.

Call Jim 815 323 0898


Audio Alchemy audio products are coming to Jim Clark Stereo

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We will soon have the Audio Alchemy brand of audio electronics at Jim Clark Stereo.

These products are designed by Peter Madnick who is a famous designer for extremely high end products such as Constellation.

Peter has merged Alchemy with Elac and now together Peter Madnick and Andrew Jones are working on the same team. Audio Alchemy is made in California.